Nomination Policies

Policies for Over the Rainbow Eligibility and Book Nominations

To be considered for the list, a book must be published within the assigned calendar year or between July 1 and December 31 of the previous calendar year. Eligibility of books originally published outside the United States will be determined according to the original publication dates in the United States. Books must be distributed in the United States during the period of eligibility to be considered for the list. Revisions of previously published books will be considered if the revision is to such an extent as to make the book substantially different from the previous edition. Any book removed from nomination at the beginning of the first ALA Midwinter Meeting is eligible for nomination during the following year if it meets the eligibility requirements. Any book nominated and discussed at ALA Midwinter Meeting will be ineligible for nomination during the following year.

Jurors must read a book in its entirety before nominating it. All jurors will nominate books and discuss nominations electronically.

Anyone may recommend a book to OTR jurors for nomination consideration. If a book is suggested by someone not on OTR, at least one juror must read and nominate that book for it to be considered. The deadline for non-juror recommendations is September 30. Recommendations for nomination will not be accepted from the publisher of a proposed book, agents or representatives of the author, or anyone else who may stand to gain directly from the nomination of the book.  A short statement describing why the book is being recommended for nomination shall accompany the request, which is to be submitted to the OTR Chair.  Juror nominations must be sent to other OTR jurors by October 31.

OTR jurors are encouraged to read as many of the nominated books as they can. All jurors will be informed of each nomination as it is made. Review copies of a book will be requested from its publisher as available. During the year, jurors will actively participate in ongoing discussions of books, both those nominated and those being considered for nomination. Jurors will also expected to read book reviews of nominated books, either by consulting review sources directly available to them or by reading reviews posted or otherwise distributed by other OTR jurors.


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