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May 2010

Argo, Rhiannon.  The Creamsickle.  Spinsters Ink.

Breedlove, Lynn. Lynnee Breedlove’s One Freak Show.  Manic D.

Johnson, Barb.  More of This World or Maybe Another.  HarperCollins.

Meade, Marion.  Lonelyhearts: the screwball world of Nathanael West and Eileen McKenney. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Mendicino, Tom. Probation.  Kensington.

Nolan, Monica. Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher. Kensington.

Raymond, Dwayne .  Mornings with Mailer.  Harper.

Schulman, Sarah.  Ties That Bind:  Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences. New Press.

Shepard, Judy.  The Meaning of Matthew.  Hudson/Penguin.


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