August 2010

Below are the  titles that have been nominated this month for consideration by at least one of our eight committee members:

Ball, Carlos A. From the Closet to the Courtroom:  Five LGBT Rights Lawsuits That Have Changed Our Nation.  Beacon.

Cappello, Mary. Called Back:  My Reply to Cancer, My Return to Life.  Alyson.

Chapman, David & Brett Josef Grubisic. American Hunks. Arsenal Pulp.

Dawson, Jill.  The Great Lover. Harper Perennial.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. The Brush with Death:  A Penny Brannigan Mystery.  Minotaur/St. Martins.

Gambone, Philip. Travels in a Gay Nation:  Portraits of LGBTQ Americans.  University of Wisconsin.

Hastings, Selina. Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham: A Biography. Random House.

Herman, Joanne. Transgender Explained for Those Who Are Not. AuthorHouse.

Masson, Cynthea. The Elijah Tree.  Queer Mojo/Rebel Satori.

Munoz, Jose Esteban. Cruising Utopia:  The Then and There of Queer Futurity. NYU Press.

Rucke, Greg; J.H. Williams. Batwoman Elegy. DC Comics.

Sarfaty, Eddie . Mental:  Funny in the Head. Kensington.

Spring, Justin. Secret Historian:  The Life & Times of Samuel Steward, Professor Tattoo Artist,  and Sexual Renegade.  Farrar.

Stuart, Sebastian. The Hour Between. Alyson.



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