September Nominations!

Here  are the  titles that have been nominated this month for consideration by at least one of our eight committee members:

Brite, Poppy Z.  Second Line.  Small Beer Press.

Files, Gemma .  A  Book of Tongues [V. 1, The Hexslinger Series]. Chizine Publications.

Madden, Ed and Hodge, Candace.  Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio. Hub City Press.

O’Neill, Tony.  Sick City.  HarperPerennial.

Redmann, J.M.  Water Mark.  Bold Strokes.

Schulman, Sarah.  Mere Future, The.  Arsenal Pulp.

Serwatka, Tom.  Queer Questions, Clear Answers: The Contemporary Debates on Sexual Orientation.  Praeger, ABC-CLIO.

Shay, Kathryn.  The Perfect Family.  Bold Strokes Books.


May’s Nominations

Another month has flown by, which means the Over the Rainbow readers have more good stuff we’d like to share with the world.

Here’s what we read this month–enjoy!

Argo, Rhiannon. The Creamsickle.  Spinsters Ink.

Breedlove, Lynn. Lynnee Breedlove’s One Freak Show.  Manic D.

Johnson, Barb. More of This World or Maybe Another.  HarperCollins.

Meade, Marion. Lonelyhearts: the Screwball World of Nathanael West and Eileen McKenney. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Mendicino, Tom. Probation.  Kensington.

Nolan, Monica. Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher. Kensington.

Raymond, Dwayne . Mornings With Mailer.  Harper.

Schulman, Sarah. Ties That Bind:  Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences. New Press.

Shepard, Judy. The Meaning of Matthew.  Hudson/Penguin.

What we’re doing!

Your intrepid Over the Rainbow readers have been very busy.  We’ve logged nearly 200 new titles to look at before December 2010,  but we wanted to keep everyone posted on what’s looking good, so far.  Below are some titles that have been nominated for consideration by at least one of our eight committee members.

Check it out–they are alphabetical by author:

al-Herz, Seba. The Others.  Seven Stories.

Barron, Stephanie. The White Garden:  A Novel of Virginia Woolf.  Bantam.

Beach, Sylvia/Keri Walsch/Noal Riley Fitch.  The Letters of Sylvia Beach.  Columbia U  Press.

Beale, Elaine.  Another Life Altogether. Spiegel & Grau.

Bean, Carl and David Ritz.  I Was Born This Way:  A Gay  Preacher’s Journey through Gospel Music,Disco Stardom, and a Ministry in Christ.  Simon & Schuster.

Bergman,S. Bear.  The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You.  Arsenal Pulp.

Bram, Christopher.  Mapping the Territory:  Selected Nonfiction.  Alyson.

Burroughs, Augusten.  You Better Not Cry. St. Martins.

D’Amato, Barbara/Dams/Zubro.  Foolproof. Forge/Tor.

Damski, Jon-Henri.  Nothing Personal:  Chronicles of Chicago’s LGBTQ Community, 1977-1998.    Firetrap.

Dobkin, Alix.  My Red Blood.  Alyson.

Gadol, Peter.  Silver Lake.  Tyrus Books.

Haslett, Adam.  Union Atlantic. Nan A.Talese.

Hodel, Page.  Monday Hearts for Madalene. Abrams.

Kendall, Gillian, ed. Something to Declare.  U of Wisconsin.

La Fountain-Stokes, Lawrence.  Queer Ricans:  Cultures & Sexualities in the Diaspora. U of Minnesota.

Lord, James.  My Queer War. Farrar Strauss and Giroux.

Magruder, James.  Sugarless.   Terrace/U of Wisconsin.

McCauley, Stephen.  Insignificant Others.  Simon & Schuster.

Mochizuki, Aska.  Spinning Tropics.  Vintage.

Neofotis, Peter.  Concord, Virginia:  A Southern Town in Eleven Stories.  St. Martins.

Ostlund, Lori.  The Bigness of the World:  Stories. U of Georgia.

Perez, Emma.  Forgetting the Alamo; or Blood Mystery.  U of Texas.

Plante, David.  The Pure Lover.  Beacon.

Reyes, Guillermo A. Madre and I:  A Memoir of Our Immigrant Lives. U of Wisconsin.

Schenkar, Joan.  Talented Miss Highsmith,  The:  The Secret Life & Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith. St. Martins.

Soehnlein, K.M. Robin and Ruby. Kensington.

White, Edmund.  City Boy:  My Life in NY during 60s/70s. Bloomsbury.