September Nominations!

Here  are the  titles that have been nominated this month for consideration by at least one of our eight committee members:

Brite, Poppy Z.  Second Line.  Small Beer Press.

Files, Gemma .  A  Book of Tongues [V. 1, The Hexslinger Series]. Chizine Publications.

Madden, Ed and Hodge, Candace.  Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio. Hub City Press.

O’Neill, Tony.  Sick City.  HarperPerennial.

Redmann, J.M.  Water Mark.  Bold Strokes.

Schulman, Sarah.  Mere Future, The.  Arsenal Pulp.

Serwatka, Tom.  Queer Questions, Clear Answers: The Contemporary Debates on Sexual Orientation.  Praeger, ABC-CLIO.

Shay, Kathryn.  The Perfect Family.  Bold Strokes Books.


We’ve moved!

Thanks to the dedicated and magical fingers of GLBTRT’s very own David Vess,  our blog is now on the ALA server.  This site will go away once we’ve moved everything over to the ALA site.  Wait, what am I saying?   Once David Vess has moved everything over for us, we’ll be living their full-time.

Here’s the new address–please visit us there as often as possible because we are constantly updating…or at least once a month: